The most liberating, revolutionary word and idea in written history!
                          Definition of Human Nurturome 
                                              (also culturome)       
human nurturome n, (1997) 1 : Earth-life's natural culture and natural nurture evolved in
humans, receiving the human genome and biological organism at birth in evolved unity
1 a : the totality of humanity's evolved nurturings and natural culture, including habitat-
ecosystems, within which, and with which, they inextricably interact 1 b : Life's evolved,
purely natural, human nurture, or culture, (nurture-culture), as opposed to and adulterated
and diminished by, artificial nurture, or culture 1 c : culture evolved by Nature and her
human nature, and naturally selected to benefit humanity, as opposed to, culture contrived  
and forged by small elites of 'civilization' for the domination and oppression of humanity 
and Nature 2 : the evolved, nongenetic human behavior, relationships and culture, within and  
including a  human habitat-ecosystem of evolutionary Earth-life 2 a : the medium and self-life-
world into which the new-born human organism falls, consisting of family, community,
ecosystem-habitat, relationships, and all activities beyond living matter's phenomena in human
organisms 2 b : the behavioral, social, cultural, spiritual-ontological essences, amidst a habitit-
ecosystem, of a human species 2 c : the developmental relationships within Nature's 
evolutionary, bequeathed, children-parents-family-community-habitat-ecosystem martrix
2 d : the naturally evolved, nonbiological, nonmaterial characteristics of human beings: human
evolution's relationships, family-community behavior, activities, lore, culture, habitat-
ecosystem and conscoiusness, i.,e., our whole self-life-world in unity. 3 : Earth's native, 
human nature beyond native, human, organic matter (brain-body organisms), genes, and
genomes  3 a : universal human nature, development and sustainability prior to invasive
phenomena of civilization socioculture 3 b : human nature's behavioral and cultural traits, 
receiving into inextricble union, human organisms, DNA, genes and genomes 3 c : natural,
original, native culture, authentic to humanity, as opposed to, artificial, alien (un)human culture 
4 :
 the evolved, manifold forms of human love, from birth thorough maturity, unseen by all
artificial forms of vision, including vision of Modern, microscopic science and corporate
profits 4 a : the post-birth development of human, mental-social-spiritual-ontological-
ecosystemic characteristics bequeathed, generation to generation, as pure natural, human
nature, development, sustainability and evolution 4 b : the natural objects, entities, phenomena
and relationships enabling DNA, genes, and genome through interactive unity 4 c : all of Earth-
life's post-conception and post-birth phenomena, objects, entities and places into which Earth- 
life's human DNA, genome and bio-organisms are received in interactive unity. 5 : the psycho-
sociocultural-spiritual-ontological-ecosystemic complex, matrix, medium, and construct, 
enabling human genes, genomes and organisms into an inextricable, interactive union (with this
nurturome) for the co-blueprinting and co-generation of human nature, development, sustainability, 
well-being, and evolution 5 a : culture created by the people, for the people: Earth's human
culture created by and for the natural needs of Earth-people's children, parents, families and
communities rooted in a habitat-ecosystem 5 b : living Nature's evolved, human nurturings and
culture that receive and bond with the human genome: and, then, in union and partnership,
produce constant, inextricable interaction and the simultaneous development of, the biological
(genomic) human organism in union with the mental-social-spiritual-ontological-ecosystemic
(nurturomic) development of   human beings 6 : the receiving partner to human genome and
epigenome, instructing evolved, purely natural relationships, behavior and culture of human
individuals, families and eco-communities prior to civilization's violation, adulteration and
diminishment of these instructional units 6 a : Life's nongenomic (nongenetic) human
instructions, generally selected as beneficial for human beings, their well-being, development,
and sustainability.  6 b : the manifold forms of human love instructing all nongenetic,
nonbiological development (selections) and bequeathings (generational reproductions)
7 : Life's evolved, nongenetic human nature, spirit, being, mind, identity, culture, behavior,
perception, intelligence and consciousness prior to, or sans, their artificial adulteration
(pollution) and diminishment via 'civilization'  8 : humanity's authentic, original nature: our
evolutionary, developmental and sustainable eco-social-mental-spiritual-ontological
characteristics, which civilization progressively destroys 8 a : the parents-children-family-
community-home-village-eco-habitat, in receptive union with our genome, carrying, maturing,
and reproducing the human body's DNA and genome 9 : the human condition in its natural,
evolved, original state 9 a : Humanity before its fall 10 : the nongenetic and nonepigenetic, 
evolved nature, development and sustainability of humans 11 : the developmental
and evolutionary medium into which the human genome falls, and finds interactive, 
inextricable union for human growth and reproduction generation to generation 11 a : pure, 
evolved human nature, development and evolution, which becomes infected with diverse,
artificial, addictive, pathogeneses, found within the sociocultual pathogenesis, civilization
itself 12 : our social-mental-spiritual-ontological-ecosystemic blueprint interacting with our
bio-genomic blueprint 13 : the nongenetic, nonbiological essences of humanness carried by
manifold relationships and acts of love, amidst natural, human habitat-ecosystem of evolved
Earth-life 14 : our innate, natural humanness, aside from, but in interactive unity with, genetic,
biologic(brain-body) characteristics 14 a : Earth-life's evolved humanness and essences beyond
genetic (and epigenetic) instructions and our genome's blueprints for material, human organisms
15 : all post-birth, nonbiologic, nongenetic phenomena enabling development of human
organisms into whole human beings 16 : Living Nature's social-mental-ontological-cultural-
ecosystemc instructions, in interactive, receptive union with genetic (genomic) instructions
17 : Life's evolved, nonbiologic, organismic constituents of human life, human world and 
relationships, into which the human organism and human genome are born; thereby, enabling
genomic development through its interactive union with these innate constituents of the 
human nurturome 18 : Earth's evolved, human characteristics, as opposed to, civilization's
developed, artificial, adulterating, dehumanizing characteristics 19 : the nongenetic,
nonbiogical, nonartificial, nonmechanistic basis, constituents, and characteristics of human
beings 19 a : the who, what, how and why we are, as human beings free of civilization's 
activities of conquest, subjugation, oppression, and exploitation of humanity and Nature
19 b : the nonbiologic, nonmechanistic traits, or characteristics of human beings 19 c : the  
mental-social-spiritual-ontological-ecosystemic organismicity, receiving into unity, the biologic
organismicity of humans 19 d : the how, who, what, and why we are, as humans beyond biologic
organisms 20 : Earth's naturally evolved human environment -- the mental-social-spiritual-
ontological-ecosystemic environment -- within Earth's natural biosphere-environment 
21 : the cumulative, collective selections by human entities and systems beyond biological:
selections outside of, or beyond the individual's selections toward biological mating and
reproduction of the organism  21 a : the cumulative collective selections made toward benefiting 
sustainable reproduction of the natural, nonbiological, phenomenal matrix, surrounding, 
receiving, and inextricably interacting with, material, biological, genome after birth.
22 : the aggregate, natural, collective selections beneficial to the eco-social-mental-spiritual-
ontological matrix and its receptive union with the genetic, biological selections benefiting our
genome and its organism  23 : natural selection beyond the individuals, genetic, natural
selection 23 a : natural, human, relational selections beyond natural, biological selections
24 : L. S. Heatherly's theory of natural selection in humans transcending the tragically
deficient Darwinian views of natural selection in humans 24 a : all the natural selections
made within the children-parents-community-ecosystem matrix, evolved with our 250 thousand
year-old human species, sans and opposing, the artificial selections emergent via civilization
25 : the evolution and development of human-primate love, in receptive union with, the evolution
and development of human-primate bio-organisms 25 a : higher evolution and development of
spirit, in receptive union with the higher evolution and development of organismic matter
25 b : in evolving life: that which gives love, spirit and being to living human-primate matter
25 c : the evolution, development, and reproduction of love as species' being and spirit.
25 d. in religion: Love is God sans image of man; the evolution, development and sustainability
of  love  26 : the development and evolution of humanity via the matrix and medium of
children-parents-family-community-village-habitat-ecosystem's relational phenomena
26 a : the relational, phenomenal, sustainable development and evolution of a human  
species 26 b : the development, sustainability, and evolution of humans via social units,
social systems and ecosystems-- the selections therefrom. 26 c : the development and
evolution of human beings via social units and relationships within, and with, an ecosystem-
habitat 26 d : the phenomenal, relational medium, matrix, and environment into which
our genes and human genome must be received, and must inextricably interact in co-unity
and co-partnership with, in order for human beings to experience conception, birth,
maturation, and reproduction of the bio-social-mental-spiritual-ontological-cultural-habitat-
ecosystemic characteristics and essences of a human species 27 : naturally
evolved, human society (family and ecocommunity), as opposed to artificially
developed, (de)human(ized) society (cities) 28 : that which provides whole, human
self, families, communities, fairness, cooperation, fulfillment, harmony, love and 
peace, as opposed to, ego-self, disintegrated families-ecocommunities, oppression, 
exploitation, poverty, aggression, war, and eco-social-mental-spiritual-cultural 
disease, atrophy, debilitation and pathogenesis 29 : the structure-function-dwelling-place-
phenomenon-medium of human lifeworld within Earthlifeworld, into which the human genome
is conceived, born, developed and evolved as inextricable partner and participant, in union
with this receiving matrix, our nurturome 30 : that, beyond biological humanness, which
defines and constitutes Living Nature's evolved human nature, reality, being, spirit, identity
and lifeworld 30 a : the nature of humanity and humanness beyond human biological nature
30 b : metaphysical, epistemological, sociocultural, sociological, psychological, ontological,
and ecospheric nature and reality of humanity beyond the nature and reality of human
(brain-body) organisms 30 c : the human species beyond the brain-body organisms
31 : all Earthly, human, natural objects and phenomena that receive the new-born human
organism and its human genome, enabling human development, reproduction, and evolution
through constant, inextricable interaction of this receiving human nurturome with the received
human genome and its organism 31 a : Life's evolved instructional blueprint for all Earth-human
objects, and phenomenal relationships that receive the instructional blueprint for the
human genome and organism into an inextrcable, interactive bonded partnership and unity of 
human nurturome with human genome 32 : the universal characteristics found in all human 
cultures --communities or societies -- before these normative, characteristic objects and
phenomena are penetrated, violated, adulterated, and diminished with the artificial, alien,
surrogative, debilitating, unsustainable, characteristics, marking civilization socioculture
33 : the purely natural and innate Earth-human culture surrounding both the mother before, 
and during gestation, and the infant at birth, continuing on through development
and reproduction of family, community, and ecosystem-habitat -- bequeathing 
human self-life-world beyond the biological realm 34 : human developmental reproductions 
beyond mere developmental reproductions of human organisms, genome and DNA
35 : the natural, original, authentic, whole human self, transcending civilization's 
diminished, , adulterated, artificialized, alienized, surrogated, debilitated, dysfunctional
versions of  human self, and selfhood 35 a : the manifold, bonding identifications of the heart, 
transforming the personal, biologic egoself into the inter-identifying, relational, inter-loving,
collectional, unified self, marking the whole human self as bio-family-community-ecosystem
self within its source, Earth-life-world (Earth's ecosphere) 35 b : the purposeful
self, constituted as the children-parents-family-community-ecosystem matrix
(its development and sustainability); thereby transcending the biologic-ego-career-ethnic-
commercial-industrial-materialistic-national-historical-civilizational self and selfhood
36 : the natural, organismicity of human nature, mind, heart, spirit, being, consciousness, 
love, identity, reality, and self-life-world within Earth-life-world beyond the mere human
organism of these 37 : Earth-life's evolved, human social-mental-spiritual-ontological-
ecosystemic-habitat characteristis and elements that bond (or mate) in equal union with 
the evolved, human, biological organisms, thereby, enabling the development, creation 
and reproduction of human organisms and genomes 37 a : the phenomenological, human 
organisms (of manifold acts of love), receiving and uniting with the biological human 
organisms, DNA, and genomes 38 : the children-parents-family-community-habitat-
ecosystem medium, in which human beings develop, fulfill, sustain, reproduce and evolve
their full nature, spirit, being(ness), identity, reality, consciousness, socioculture, and
lifeworld as a human species. 39 : the self-life-world, medium, matrix, and environment,
into which human genes, genomes and organisms are conceived, born, develop, sustain,
reproduce and evolve their transbiological nature as a species of human beings. 
39 a : the selflifeworld of human genes, genomes and organisms beyond the material,
or living matter, of our brain-body organisms 40 : the mega self-life-world, medium and
environment of humankind, in its evolved, natural makeup, before human organisms are
removed therefrom for the scientific, theological and religious observations by civilizations
41 : all of Earth-life's evolved, nonbiological (nonorganic) characteristic objects and
phenomena of human kind,defining and identifying a human species 41 a : everything
of evolved, innate Earth-life and humanity, receiving into interactive unity our post-
conception, post-birth, human DNA, genomes and organisms 42 : the original, concrete
human equation (genome and nurturome in unity), preceding mathamatical, logical, 
chemical, and other abstract equations of civilizations' cognition and cognitive enterprises
43 : the coevolutional, codevelopmental, cosustainable, cophenomenological, 
coreproductive, cometaphysical, coepistemological partner with our human genome
44 : evolving Life's original paradigm, archetype, organismicity, condition and structure-
function-dwelling of human self, life, and world (selflifeworld), authentic to a human 
species in a sustainable relationship of well-being and harmony with a habitat-ecosystem,
beyond, or distinct from, the paradigm of the human, brain-body organism; while
being engaged in inextricable, interactive unity and bond with human brain-body
organismicity 44 a : natural, authentic, human socioculture manifesting development,
well-being and long-term sustainability of families, communities within both human
habitat-ecosystems and all Earth-life ecosystems via natural, human will and purpose
45 : all human elements/phenomena not steming from biological constitution or genetic/
epigenetic instruction 46 : the human ecospere or ecosystem -- children-parents-family-
community-habitat-ecosystem -- evolved, and in harmony with, Earth's ecosphere of life
47 : Earth-life's evolved, inherent, indigenous, human martix, medium, environment,
complex, and seldlifeworld -- the mental-social-spiritual-ontological-ecosystemic stuff --
(nonmaterial, phenomenal stuff) allowing, enabling and instructing our natural, evolved human
instincts, intuition, intelligence, perception, consciousness and culture to manifest, develop,
unfold and interact with our organic stuff -- evolving, developing, and sustaining human 
organisms, genes and genomes 48 : the real, original, natural human culture, as opposed to, 
laboratory-culture, science-culture, religion-culture, machine-culture, exploitation-culture,
oppression-culture, empire-culture, -- the cultures of 'civilization' 49 : the natural, pure,
unpolluted, human culture within the natural, pure, unpolluted, Earth-life culture
49 a : natural Human Life's culture within natural Earth-life's culture 49 b : developmental,
sustainable Human Life's and Human Being's culture within developmental, sustainable
Earth's culture of Life, and culture (ecofield or ecosphere) of beings and Spirit. 50 : all
phenomena of Earth-life inextricably interacting in unity with Earth-life's evolved, human 
genome(s) and human organism(s) 50 a : the evolutionary, developmental, path and stages
of Earth-life's natural human beings 50 b : the totality of surrounding objects, phenomena,
and relationships into which human animals, as organisms and genomes, are conceived
born, reproduced, and sustained thru evolving generations of humankind 50 c : the internal,
instructions of the system of natural culture, naturally blueprinted through Living Nature
(constituted as nurturome), and receiving the human genome in natural human society --
before or sans civilization's penetration of Earth-life's natural human condition  
50 d : the phenomenal, relational, sociocultural, ecosystemic blueprint of instructions
for human nature, development, sustainability and evolution within Earth-life's habitat- 
ecosystems, receiving the organic, material, blueprint for human genomes and human
organisms. 51 : the meta archetype, paradigm, matrix, medium and blueprint for
human self, life and world, receiving into bonded uniyt genome's blueprint  for human
brain-bodies, bio-organisms' selves; but inextricably engaged in interactive unity with that
genome-blueprint which it receives 52 : the human social-mental-spiritual-ontological-
ecosystemic matrix of blueprinted instructions for behavior and relationships that receive
the bio- organic blueprint of our human genome's instructions 53 : Earth-life's human
nature of her human beings, beyond mere genetic, physical, biologic attributes and
functions: thesustainable development and generational transferral and evolution of
this evolved, human nature and human bring, interactive and bonded with Earth-life's
nature, lifeworld and evolution 54 : everything the human genome and epigenome come
into touch with, and engage in interactive growth, function and support with, during the 
human genome's and human organisms' life within both Earth-life's ecpsphere and that 
ecosphere's human lifeworld-medium-environment-complex: our blueprinted mental-
social-spiritual-ontological-cultural-ecosystem-habitat 55 : All that Earthly-human
phenomena turning on and turning off the nurturing-growths of human genes, epigenes,
genome and organisms outside  and beyond DNA and the brain-body as mere,
human organism-matter, dependent upon all that which receives envelopes and engages it. 
55 : the inspirations-- relational phenomena and relationships-- that inspire into our DNA,
genome and human organisms the instructions living matter requires in order to commence,
develop, sustain, reproduce and evolve individual organisms of our human species.
55b : all that inspires particular DNA, genome and human organisms, as well as our
species' DNA, genome and human organisms, to grow, become and fulfill their
ecological, fitting, evolutionally sustainable role in Earth's play of evolutionary life.
     ( the above being the encyclopedic definition of human nurturome first coined in 1997,  
      while writing the book manuscript published later as The Last Human Spring, the 
        definition further expanded and published here, 1/5/2008 to 1/11/2009. )

                              Copyright 2002 - 2011 by L. S. Heatherly