The Human Nurturome Project

     This page will serve as the home of the Human Nurturome Project in its initial stage of formation.  Laymen, professionals, professors, and students feeling a need to participate in this international project in almost any capacity, but especially as fund raisers, on the board of directors, board of advisors, staff, patron-founders, co-founders, charter members, grant writers, doners, or volunteers should use the contact information on this site.( Below is an unfinished list of people L. S. Heatherly invites to join.)                                                                                                                         

     The regenerative power of the HNP, organized and released, would equal or exceed previous revolutions, such as those of Western, representative democracy, seperation of church and state, and philosophical romanticism. Once absorbed by science, philosophy, and religion, its rehumanization could globally reduce human suffering and inequity by 25 to 25% within the first generation. (See the "L. S. Heatherly" page for Patron-founder and Co-founder opportunities.)

     Let's give Love, regenerated by a Nurturome Revolution, its last, best, and deepest chance to regenerate our evolved, oppressed essences of humanity. Tell friends, teachers, professors, activists ans other about this site. Request LAST HUMAN SPRING at your libraries using the "Suggest a Book" online forms found in the "Contact Us" tab.   

     The following tenets, combined with  the "Tenets of Human Nurturome Freedom" on the Home page, are presently the tenets of the Human Nurturome Project.

                                Tenets of Human Nurturome Project                                                    

     The Human Nurturome Project is rooted in a breakthrough-revelation, a systemic, scientific-philosophical system. The breakthrough idea of nurturome sprouts this new system. The system creates a new theory of human nature, of human development, and a new, human evolutionary theory. The application of this breakthrough-vision is the Human Nurturome Project.

     The Human Nurturome Project is open-ended. The principal fields of knowledge involved are not math, and hard sciences such as math, physics and molecular science. Therefore, the exact nature of the human nurturome can never be precisely mapped out. Our journey into the recovery of our human nurturome is not a step-by-step, methodological journey of exact discipline.

     Our journey is not one of mere reason, materialism, hard science, and corporate profits. Our journey into nurturome recovery is a journey of human mind, spirit, being, purpose, reality, and identity. A journey of labor and love, of recoveries, reconnections, and renurturalizations.

     This movement is open to anyone understanding and embracing the human nurturome. The expectation and hope is that a movement bearing unprecedented benefit to humanity-- much more than the Human Genome Project-- should and could engage more of humanity.

     The pursuit of our human nurturome, its full nature and details, carries mystery, nostalgia, intuition, instinct, perception, the unconscious, dreams, aspirations, growth, fulfillment, awe, joy, love, et al. The naturals of these cannot be carried into realization by any artificial methodology.

    These naturals and the myriad other elements and phenomena of the ultimate, authentic romanticism are driven toward the ultimate, authentic realism.  We can never make it back to Eden, or Paleolithic or Neolithic lifeway and culture. However, our direction is into the recovery of  lost elements of our human nature, behavior, spirit, development, nurture-culture, and reality-- lost essences carried by our human nurturome, bonded to our human genome: our whole human evolution, human nature, and development. Our future lies in the awareness, conservation and restoration of Living Nature's evolved human nurturome.

     One basic goal of the Human Nurturome Project is to identify lost nurturome elements -- missing in individuals, families, communities, and societies -- and to take actions -- individual and collective -- to recover these natural, behavioral characteristics, authentic to, and evolved for, human beings as birthrights.               

     The rediscovery of the human nurturome returns some lost excitement back into science and philosophy. The excitement -- of wondering about and pursuing the true and full nature of the reality of what we are  as human beings, and why we are -- is told by the sacred primality within us. Unlike the human genome, this story will never be fully told and agreed upon. In this journey of rediscovery, we can recover lost, essential  elements of what we are as human beings, uncovered within the second half of human nature, evolution, and behavior, within our nurturome.  Propositions and theories will fly, ideological battles will be fought.  These arguments are entailed in the quest to understand the full nature of human evolution and human nature in the same manner that they are entailed in older issues-phenomena, like freedom, truth, spirit, reality, goodness, evil, justice, et al.  Only some of the details can be pinned down by math and hard science; the rest is left to social sciences, human sciences, psychology, ecology, pholosophy and other fields. 

     The rediscovery of  our human nurturome allows us to commence the struggle for Human Nurturome Liberation, challenging cultural and historical dilemmas and oppressions we have largely or wholly surrendered to.  Many of the touted "facts of life" and "hard realities" are perpetuated upon us by the artificial forces of 'civilization': many of these facts are manufactured factoids; many hard realities are illusions suffered from overdose of deficient, abusive, alienized nurture and culture.  We discover the real aliens, emergent from the progressing conquest of humanness by artificial, alien objects and phenomena: and, we with these alien trappings,  are not from outer space.

     Moreover, this journey into nurturome recovery does not lead into, but instead opposes, the path of genetic engineering into artificial, horizontal gene transfer, virulent genes, new viruses, loss of species identity, characteristic traits, and metabolism. 

     We want to recover lost characteristic traits, identity, spirit, and reality, et al of our human species, and defend these of other species.  We know the struggle is, as it always has been, the primary battle of goodness and rightness to know and defend the boundaries of their nature-- the rights of human nature and human being within Living Nature.

                                      *                    *                     *

     The author of the "Tenets of Nurturome Movement" and The Last Human Spring, has a limited knowledge of likely candidates to help fill the ranks of the HNP. From his limited research, the following are invited by the author to join.  This list is offered as a tip of the iceberg list, inherently flawed by the above and by its brevity.  Names may be withdrawn or added periodically. Hopefully a beginning roster of movement members will be formed. Please help by mentioning the HNP to likely members. And spread word of 

     Susan Oyama, Richard C. Lewontin, Edmund O. Wilson, Stephen Pinker, Steven R. Rose, Arne Naess, Kirkpatrick Sale, Gary Snyder, Noam Chomsky, Lisa Cosmides, Ron Epstein, Beth Burrows, Ralph Nader, R. I. M. Dunbar, Richard Levins, Brian Tokar, Barry Commoner, Vandana Shiva, Chris Knight, David Sloan Wilson, Elliott Sober, Leon D. Katz, Bill Devall, George Sessions, Theodore Rozsak, Jerry Mander, John Cartwright, Barbara Katz Rothman,

     Verlyn Klinkenborg, Kim Sterelny, Michael Zimmerman, Paul Hawkin, Dorothy Nelkin, Lee Cronk, Baldi Pierre, Ted Peters, Michael Boulter, Daniel Bennett, Peter Klopfer, Kimberly Wilson, Warwick Fox, Dolores LaCharpelle, Peter Godfrey-Smith, Max Oelschlaeger, Ernst Mayr, J. Baird Callecott, Thomas Berry, Chellis Glendinning, Leslie Armour, Joseph Chilton Pierce, Joe Mendelson, Marc Lappe, Ronnie Cummins, Britt Bailey, Mae-Wan Ho, Marcy Darnovski, Yifei Zhu,

     Arthor Caplan, Dave Foreman, Glenn McGee, Sue Meyer, Tom Shakespeare, Tim Kasser, Mildred Cho, Morris Berman,  Terry Tempest Williams, Michael Novacek (and thousands more of the friends of Earth-life and Humanity.


Gratefully, for our human species,

L. S. Heatherly

Copyright 2003--2009 by L. S. Heatherly  All rights reserved