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Tenets of Human Nurturome Freedom

                                                       L. S. Heatherly

     The human nurturome is the missing, oppressed partner to our human genome. Modern science increasingly abandones Earth's evolved human nurture and culture-- our nurturome --in its views of human evolution and human nature, as well as, in its accounts of human behavior, development, culture and sustainability. Hence, the breakthrough rediscovery of our nurturome provides the most vital, missing part of prevailing evolutionary theory, evolutionary psychology and developmental psychology (and all social science and philosophy). It provides Heatherly's theory-thesis of natural selection of natural nurture-culture-- our human nurturome.

     The awareness of  our nurturome fills a growing vacuum --an ecologic-mental-cultural-social-spiritual-ontological vacuum --created by Western science, philosophy, theology, and religion. It rediscovers human, biologic life-force (elan vital ) is bonded to species' being-force, which instructs the growth of each human species' into its identity, social-nature, spirit-being, and its relationship with humanity's ecosystem-habitats.                      

     The great bulk of our human sufferings and inequities (our flaws) spring from our flawed nurture and culture -- our adulterated, diminished, oppressed, human nurturome, containing instructions for human behavior and relationships, for community, culture, spirit and being. Our errors -- our 'civilized' sufferings from oppressions and inequities -- spring not from our DNA, genes and genome, but from deficient, abusive nurture and deficient, assaulting culture: they spring from miskakes and dysfunctions within events and relationships beyond those of mere human DNA, genomes and organisms.                               

     The breakthrough revealing our human nurturome lays the foundation, or seedling precepts, for a general mapping of our nurturome -- the natural nurture and culture part of human nature, being, mind, spirit, identity, reality, and society. Hence, psychology, anthropology, social science,  social and bioethics, philosophy, prehistory, humanism, ecology, conservation, interdisciplinary studies, the natural environment, and more, are now enabled to regain the ground lost during decades of math-physics-molecular chemistry domination, and recent enthronement of the Human Genome Project and human genomic science.                     

     In the beginning (of meaning), there was love; and love was carried by evolving nurturome. The essence of our human nurturome is ecosystemic, family-communal, relational love. It is caring, inter-relational, inter-identifying human being and spirit.

     The nurturome breakthrough reveals evolved natural nurture-culture inherited at birth by each generation as human nurturome, bonded to biologic, human genome in inextricable interactive development and sustainability. Conscious life evolves bio-matter bonded with species love and spirit. This faithful union of genome and nurturome ends when our evolved nurturome is penetrated and violated by the adulterating, artificializing phenomena of civilization.                               

     Once absorbed into our thinking, the understanding of our nurturome holds answers to most of the questions raised by mapping the human genome, genetic engineering, eugenics, nanotechnology, cybernetics, other high technologies, corporate-economic-cultural globalization, accelerating commercialism, and oppressed ethics-- crucial forces and issues affecting human well-being and humanitiy's sustainability.                                            

     We hold these rediscovered truths to be self-evident: that humans were evolved through Earth-life's creation, or evolution, with the inalienable right to be fully human; that we humans have the birthright not merely to our genome's biologic nature, and the development of our gemome's biologic organisms; but, also the birthright to our nurturome's mental-social-spiritual-ontological-ecosystemic nature, and the development of our nurturome's human spirit and being. We hold these two human natures as constituting the full nature of whole, human beings; and, that these two natures are bonded in sacred, evolutionary unity or marriage. We lay claim to both humanity's, biological life (as material organisms) and to humanity's relational, ecosystemic, social, spiritual beingness (as human beings beyond mere human organisms). 

     Increasingly, in modernized society, humans are failing to reproduce for their children humanity's evolved, human nurturings and culture. This social-spirit-being growth, instructed by our nurturome, is being increasingly diminished and progressively fails to interacts with our biologic, genetic growth, instructed by our genome.  The unity and interaction of genome and nurturome are increasingly absent in each generation, resulting in a progressive failure to reproduce whole, human nature, being, spirit, identity, reality, nurture-culture, and lifeway.

     Genetic magic and DNA studies are hyper-touted over compassion, social responsibily, and loving behavior and work directed by the principle of being our bother's keeper. We bury our heads in the sand of DNA and other high-tech adventures and toys; while overall human sufferings and inequities continue to increase, along with looming mega-scurges, apocalypse, and human decimation. We are socioculturally programed to escape into the curiosity, facination and addiction to artificial, scopicized vision, electronicized sound, perception and  intelligence. These commercial-corporate-driven, sci-technics, these fun-obsessions, distract us from the increasingly defective sociocultural phenomena, the scurges of diverse oppressions and inequities, steming from deficient, abusive nurture-culture.                      

     Western science reaps deeply vested benefits from materialism, commercialism and corporate domination of humanity. It is a deep taboo even to imagine evolved nurture-culture, our nurturome, the blueprint for the growth of our evolved, social-spiritual human being and spirit. Unseen through microscope and all artificial visions, this blueprint is seen via a fuller consciousness than that of career-self and intellect-egoself. It is seen through our species' heart and soul: it sees evolved, unfolding human Love interacting in a balanced relationship with (within) Earth-life.

     Our nurturome, when divorced from her rightful union with genome, is progressively abandoned. This results in our gradual removal from evolved, natural, human being, spirit, nature, culture, nurturings, identity, and reality. This entails our progressive removel from our social-spiritual units -- family, community, and ecosystem-- in which all these are instructed via nurturome to take form. Our organismic, nurturomic growth of individual with family, with community, and with ecosystem, forming whole human beings is progressively separated and removed leaving mere material, organic, genomic growth of individual, biologic, human organisms. Thereby, our evolved, human nature, being, spirit, reality, consciousness, and natural nurture-culture, our human nurturome, are gradually removed from our human, biologic organisms.          

     Genome, Life's book of selfish bio-matter, inherently answers to Nurturome, Life's book of caring, social spirit-being. As Living Nature's original, social Couple in family-community evolution, they answer to each other.

     Human genome represents and instructs our biologic (brain-body) life. Human nurturome represents and instructs us as mental-social-spiritual-ecosystemic human beings.

     Human evolution evolves both human, biologic matter and human spirit and being. Spirit-being does not arise from matter; nor matter from spirit and being: in pure evolution, their growth and evolution are inextricably bonded together, in a stream of interaction. Social mammalian, primate, and especially human-primate life evolves both biologic life and spirit-being of species. And species are in streams of ecosystems. They each move in their particular time and Earth-place(ecosphere) while integrated within the larger whole of Earth-life's organismicity. This is not a mere biosphere or ecosphere, as we are told. Instead, it is an eco-bio-social-spirit-being-sphere.                            

     Increasing terrorism, dehumanizations, family-community-societal disintegrations, environmental destruction, terrorism, and spread of weapons of mass destruction can be reversed by a global, nurturome recovery movement.

     Primate and human-primate conception of the biological organism occurs in the womb; while social-spiritual-ontological conception occurs upon birth when the biologic, genetic organism is received by the system-relationships composing the species' evolved nurture and culture, its nurturome. This nurturome proceeds to carry both to their next biological conception-reproduction and to their next social-spiritual-ontological conception-reproduction.

      Physical variations (and genetically- caused mental variations) are inherited through genome. Mental-social-spiritual-ontological variations-- the great bulk of them-- are inherited through nurturome. However, the artificial variations, outside of our evolution's human nurturome, arising within civilization (variously called inventions, memes, ideologies, progress, etc.,) are mere entertainments advancing 'civilization's domination and destruction of nature, human nature, and nurturome-humanness. Artificial variations are outside of, alien to, and debilitating to, Living Nature, human evolution, its human nurturome, human nature, being, and welfare.                                                               

     The idea of evolution initiated a long, much-resisted journey into a new understanding of biologic evolution. The idea of nurturome evolution initiates a second expedition that prefers human being's social-spiritual development, well-being, and sustainability over the largely material treasures of the first expedition.

     We are told that every feature of evolved life was created via genes. Contradicting this, we observe many genetically-complete,sociopathic persons without any love; while we find no persons with love without any genes and genome. If love were tranferred through genes and our genome, all persons would have and give their alotted, genetic love, which is not the situation within societies we observe and know of.  Therefore, love, and related, social beneficials are not to be found in the matter of DNA and genetic code. Instead, they are conceived and encoded by the social units and relationships composing a species' nurturome, which receives and bonds to biological matter. Our human species being and spirit are conceived, infused and developmentally instructed into our genetic, biologic development by love.

     Love and spirit-- encoded in nurturome-- receive and bond with primate and human biologic matter-- encoded in genome-- forming a union that carries both in time and being. The baby's biologic brain-body must be received by its species' nurturome. If only part of receptive nurturome is present, development of human being, spirit, nature, and reality are only partially realized-- a scenario of dehumanization. The baby is born as bio-human organism, intended by human evolution to be received into its birthright realm, its psycho-social-spiritual-ontological-ecosystem realm of human nurturome. The evolution of our 300,000 year-old species is truth proven in the real lab of eco-bio-social-spirit-beingsphere of Earth-life.         

     The Last Human Spring, along with the tenets presented here, reveal the existence of evolved nurturome beyond an intelligent doubt. These revelations override rationalizing reason and vested interests of artificial 'second nature', modernity, commercialism, and ethnic-cultural-class domination interests that suppress its recognition.                     

     It is a dreadful mistake to posit human evolution merely in matter-- the cell's DNA-- and the individual's reponse to its material manifestation of indivual organisms, and to material environment. Individuals have an innate relationship not only with their genetic makeup, that of mates, and material environment; beyond this, they and their genes are programed to be received by their species' evolved nurturings and culture. Morever, reciprical selections occur between these two evolved naturals. Human being didn't evolve, and doesn't exist as single, autonomous entity. Family, community, and ecosystem, singly and their collectives, respond to and make natural selections regarding individuals.                                         

    This material-DNA account of human evolution is beyond a mistake: it is a dreadful injustice to Love and to God; if we are to still hold that God is Love. Yet, organized religion has lacked the vision and the spiritual backbone to oppose this prevailing genomic, materialistic account of evolved humankind. To hold that God created life and human life without Love being intrinsically involved in the mechanism is a grave omission and blindness on the part of science and religion! It testifies to their impotence to alter the false, destructive course of industrial and post-industrial civilizations.

     Modern science, of course, must reject the evolution of love via an evolutionary mechanism equal to the material, genetic mechanism! Accepting love's evolutionary role would unseat materialistic science from its thrown. Meanwhile, Western religion promises to rescue love in its true home, Heaven. Thus, humans on Earth are doomed to progressive sufferings and human decimations, while waiting for two dominate, different rescue scenarios.

    Human evolution is not merely evolution of the human organism, its biologic organismicity. Equally, it is evolution of social-spiritual human being, an organismicity of human being, spirit, social community, and ecosystem community.   

    Evolution of social mammals, primates, and human-primates is beyond evolution of organisms: it is not merely evolution of the individual organism's DNA, and genes: it is, equally, evolution of family, community, and ecosystem units. It is evolution of nurtural, cultural relationships, within and upholding the context and nature of, mental-social-spiritual-ontological being and lifeway of primate and especially human-primate species. It is beyond reptilian evolution.

    Human organisms cannot evolve, humans cannot become fully human, and human organisms cannot perpetually reproduce --sustainably and evolutionally-- whole human nature, being, spirit, and reality without their species' non-biologic units and relationships within these social-mental-spiritual-ontologiical units, marking their species' niche within genus, family, and ecosystem.      

    Scientists, in artificial communities, largely disengaged from evolved, eco-social-spiritual-ontological relationships, units and systems, have given us a view of human evolution as reptilian. How do we rejuvenate our primordial caring and love, in them and in us, to recover and grant us enough of our human essences to avoid a human decimation?   

    The human, biologic, organism, its  organismicity (bio-system), evolves in union with our social-spiritual being's organismicity. Genome and Nurturome are married couple in social Life's evolution; each responding to, and making selections from, each other. Life without this marriage of biological organism with eco-social-spiritual-ontological human being remains in the reptialian state, mind, consciousness, and being. It remains evolved biological life without evolved love. Giant reptiles once ruled the Earth. And do again, now, in the form of Materialism's reptilian reign over social-spiritual human being. Is Modern science ready to shed its armored plates and artificial perception, systems, and knowledge? Or will Living Nature, this time aided by her human nature, spirit, and being--  reborn through recovery of nurturome freedom-- again end the reptilian reign over her higher life forms?

     The human nurturome, when recognized as genome's partner in human evolution, nature,and behavior, opens a new epoch as the missing instrument needed for uniting the social sciences, psychology, anthropology, life sciences, and related fields. 

     Blazing into this lost frontier, these fields and philosophy can, through general consensus of assemblies, make systemic progress in our long struggles against human sufferings and inequities. This will be in stages not totally unlike human genomic's progress against genetically-based illness. Our progress is in recovered consciousness, not in new facts of matter. We recover awareness of our evolved nurturings within human evolution's natural culture.  The flow of recorded history, carrying human sufferings and inequities, is overwelmingly a story of deficient, abusive nurture and deficient, assaulting culture.  Before humanity is violated  by the artificials of 'civilization',  nurturome(nurtureculture) and genome(genes) play as mated partners, as equal halves, of whole, human nature, evolution, development, and behavior.

     The bulk of our human-induced sufferings, e.g., poverty, lack of freedom, overpopulation, crime, war, oppression, subjugation( socio-politico-economic), and disease (, which is based more in nurture, culture, and environment than in genes ): these sufferings have their origins in false deficient, abusive nurture and culture -- in civilization's artificialization of natural, human culture. This is nothing less than the diminishment and adulteration of our, human nurturome.

     Human benevolence, well-being, and fulfillment emerge from behavior encoded in our evolved nurture and culture --our nurtureculture -- composing our nurturome.

     Human poverty, exploitation, oppression, war, crime, environmental destruction, and their manifold illnesses can be replaced with human sufficiency, well-being, and perpetuation by taking the path into human nurturome recovery.

     Genetic instruction is flooded over in the storms of deficient, abusive nurture, and deficient, assaulting culture.

     As human nurturome becomes increasingly deficient and polluted with artificials, the flow of human events increases; because nurturome's instructions are gradually lost. Its instructions were originally timed, sequential, and ingrediential.  Behavior and social units, after artificialization, become un-naturalized and alienized out of evolved human nature, behavior, culture, and society, and into quasi, alienized forms of these.

      The breakthrough into human nurturome affects, for one, the Deep Ecology Movement, pushing it to its final depth, bursting its truth, and more, across the lap of all humanity.

     The deep revolution is now on: to let Living Nature's natural, human nurture and culture, and Her other ecosystemic nurturings, have their bequeathed voice to instruct on the human condition and its destiny. We finally witness the birth of the Nurturome Liberation Movement. After five to ten thousand years of cyclical oppressions and subjugations, the Deep Freedom Movement is born. For, underneath the freedoms and rights of class, race, gender, religion, ideology, speech, land, individual, and community, et al, lies the freedom to give the full nurturings of, and be fully nurtured by, our human nurturome, evolved within Living Nature's nurturings.

     The human nurturome breakthrough implicitly calls for an international Human Nurturome Project. There is less visable, corporate profits to be gained, but more benefit to human health, fulfillment, well-being, and perpetuation, lying unseen in the motherlode of the nurturome frontier.     

     The bulk of our mental, social, and spiritual-ontological shortcomings given rise by our 'civilization's flaws of injustice -- the conquests, enslavements, oppressions, subjugations, exploitations, commercializations, et al: these mental, social, and spiritual flaws and failures spring from socially initiated, culturally inherited flaws in our human nurturome.

     One basic gaol of the Human Nurturome Project and Movement is to identify lost nurturome elements now missing in individuals, families, communities, and societies, and take actions-- individual and collective -- to recover these natural characteristics, authentic to, and evolved for, our species as birthrights.

     Is humanity's destiny terrorizations, dehumanizations,and family-community-social disintegrations? The human nurturome breakthrough reveals Nature's evolved, social program of human cooperation, fulfillment, and perpetuation. Beneficial behavior and relationships are encoded in the nurture and culture of our nurturome, and married to genome. These, as Nature's original couple, evolve and bequeath together, as full partners, until divorced by history's artificial forces. Nurturome and genome remarried = human fulfillment and perpetuation.

     Evolution's matter known as genes, DNA, and genome, are bound to evolution's nonmatter, natural nurture and culture (nurturenes) and nurturome. We must rediscover and recover the elements and phenomena that constitute our nurturome. Knowledge of our nurturome is innate until the artificial forces of civilization penetrate that organismic knowledge, leaving it disintegrated and diminished.

     A basic flaw in the prevailing view of the human genome is that is comprises our inheritable, human essence. This is an unbalanced view; we inherit about half of our humanness from genome, the other half from nurturome, which is the nurturing behavior, relationships, work, play, love, purpose, habitat-ecosystem et al., encoded in post-birth nurture and culture -- nurtureculture -- inherited and passed on in a bond and unity with genes. This nurturome of nurturenes is the receiving partner to genome; it is the second half (until now largely missing in our accounts) of evolution and human behavior . Nurturome is the mated partner to genome in the evolution of life in all social species. Nurturome receives life-being's bequest from nature's body-matter of DNA and genes, and carries it, via nurturome's encoded behavior within the family-community-ecosystem, social realm of nature's non-matter (species-spirit and species-being).

     The human genome, genetic engineering, and genomics are shrouded in a mystique generated by commercial, professional, and media interests. In the coming years, these will be seen more clearly for what they are: very limited tools for addressing human welfare, fulfillment, and perpetuation of families, communities, societies, and 'civilization's.

     The major source of human sufferings and lost lives is not in the flow of our genes.  Illnesses, sufferings, and deaths manifested in the second half of human nature, life, and social being -- in nurture and culture -- by far outnumber the first source.  These are caused by deficient nurturing and abusive culture, emerging from deficiently nurtured and abusive individuals, parents, communities, institutions, and societies.  These sufferings out number fifty-fold genetically caused sufferings. 

     This newly achieved and visible magic is good only up to the degree that it has already reached and surpassed: it now hides the bad magic it produced.  We use it to escape or diminish the awareness of, and responsibility for, much more common and outrageous human sufferings within families, communities, nations, corporations, industries, and diverse power-wealth-domination empires.

     Genetic magic practiced by genomic science and genetic engineering places genomic enterprise upon the throne of a modern kingdom, the kingdom of sci-technic materialism and commercialism.  It has caputured and enthralled our attention; it has usurped a great portion of our resources. Tragically, it diverts our attention from the great bulk of human sufferings and inequities (including the environmental crisis), which are cultural, and social in nature.  Shall we give this magic our hearts and souls?  Can we be bought and sold as tools?  Is the our human soul a utensil? One to be continually modified to suit the desires of those playing God with Earth, and all Earth-life, including humanity?

     The magic and majesty of matter, materialism, and materialistic power are history's persuasion, a perenniel siren song.  But, we are of matter and of spirit.  For too long we have forsaken our immaterial being for the material of our being.  In our journey back into human nurturome we proclaim this defiance: we are of flesh and spirit; of egoself and family-self and community-self, of tools and Earth-life system.  We are of genes and nurtureculture, of human genome and nurturome.  And, we will remain here with all that, with which, we were created. 

     Human being (and spirit) is more desperate than our artificial time will have us know.  To rejoin this being(ness) running deeper than our time; to relieve our soul from the ego's grip; to recover the spirit of the matter: this is the recovery of human nurturome.  Under Living Nature's preconditions, we can return to lost, crucial elements of our human nurturome. 

     We must follow cautiously and selectively the yellow brick road paved with the gold bullion bricks of commercial, corporate profits made from genetic, social engineering, toward making people more attractive, intelligent, and free of genetically-based illness.  But, we can follow freely the rediscovered road gravelled with the yellow gold ore from our human nurturome, leading to a wider and deeper practice of the golden rule, acknowledged by most cultures.  This gold ore is pulled freely from the original mine of human behavior and society, our human nurturome.

     The essence and sustainability of humanity stem from its natural features evolved within the evolution of all other species. Artificial, features, acquired within  'civilization', incrementally adulterate and diminish our humanness and sustainability.

                               Copyright 2003 - 2019  L. S. Heatherly    All Rights Reserved

                                                       *         *        *        *        *

     More tenets and more discoveries thru the human nurturome breakthrough are presented in diverse contexts and corollary theses in The Last Human Spring. Here is a vast pot-pourri and a journey, with over one hundred-fifty rest-stops(subheadings), into the breakthrough-revelation of our human nurturome, some profound ramifications, and surprising applications. 


"I always knew somethimg was missing from humanity, something that has always been there unseen and unexplored, though always present. Human nurturome may be the inevitable road to a final Utopia imagined by many a religious ...may God Bless your society and may your research reap success."                                                                          

                        -- Ian A. Moncrieffe  May, 24 2003  Old Harbour, St Catherine, Jamaica     

"I hear exactly what you are saying. Very naturally/spiritually explained. I was shocked I was able to follow exactly to the "T" what you are explaining. Now, on the Project-- can it be acclomplished with this philosophy so elegantly revealed? This is the question. Those of us who know this to be of a factual analysis, can we promote this and become those beings to reverse the damage of civilization? Will we give it all up for the sake of returning to the Nurturer and its lifestyle? It has to begin with those who know. Will it spread? Will we become reformed? Very well my friend, very well. Thought provoking and due for the expansion in our consciousness. God bless you."   

-- June Carpenter  June 7, 2004  indianapolois, in usa 

Copyright L. S. Heatherly 2003-2019  All Rights Reserved  

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